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As an outdoorsman, you want quality, functional clothing for the outdoors.

That’s why we sell functional, versatile, and practical garments. Our products consolidate and minimize “stuff” and optimize performance.

The best part? It provides you with:

  • Spontaneity
  • Convenience
  • Enjoyment

We Get It.

we've been there too!

We’ve dealt with the hassles of preparation and the time it takes to sort thru the “stuff” in order to engage in any activity.  We’ve experienced the frustration and disappointment that comes when your memories of an event are overshadowed by the unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances you had to endure.

There’s a fear and anxiety that happens when you engage in any outdoor activity and realize you are unprepared.  We know the fear and apprehension that comes from trying something new.

Hi. I'm gary nesse.

My life as an outdoorsman began as a wildlife biologist in Montana.  Within a few years, my adventure transitioned into a professional hunting and fishing outfitter and guide.  The combination of these life experiences, both exciting and sometimes dangerous, motivated and inspired me to design versatile, functional, and comfortable clothing for all seasons. 

Now as I mark my 40th anniversary as a clothing designer and manufacturer, the joy this journey has taken me and my family on, is one that still brings a smile to my face.  I consider myself an outdoorsman who simply wanted clothing to be more versatile and look nice.  What I’ve received over these many years from the thousands of satisifed clients and customers, is that they still want the same thing.  They want clothing that meets their needs and fulfills their expectations. 

Our product line of

adaptable, versatile, and functional garments

provide spontaneity, convenience, comfort, and security in whatever journey your life takes you.

Commonly Asked Questions

You don’t need to be.  Our diverse line of products is for anyone who wears clothes. The fact that our experience and authority with these garments are so tested and proven, should give you peace of mind.

We include a convenient and precise video tutorial on the features of your jacket using a UPC code that is sewn into your garment where you can reference it whenever or wherever you need it.

They really aren’t.  Outside of the (2) federal design patents we have on our Ultimate Jacket system showcasing its ingenuity and functionality, our garments have a unique style and appearance. We’ve also spent hundreds of hours field testing and putting our garments thru rigorous use in both demanding and diverse conditions.  Our garments must be able to meet or exceed our own expectations before we ever offer them to our customers. 

some of our featured products

Left-Handed Options

We offer all of our garments with left-handed consideration when it's a feature essential to the performance of the garment.

variety of sizes

We cover a HUGE range of sizes. Our standard sizing ranges from XSmall to 5XL. This allows even our Big & Tall customers to customize their order.

Custom Lengths

We can accommodate basic custom alterations such as; custom sleeve lengths up to 40 inches, and custom pant inseams up to 40 inches.

it's time to head outdoors

It’s time to embrace your spontaneity and anticipate the unknown!
Live a life free of apprehension, frustration, and disappointment.
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